What we do

Posted in March 1st, 2011
  • Raise awareness, share information, build networks nationally & globally.
  • Facilitate action at pastoral and structural levels to combat & prevent human rights violations relating to the trafficking of human.
  • Provide education through a variety of materials and resource.
  • Provide direct services – e.g. counselling; rehabilitation & reintegration programmes.

We also work in collaboration with other groups and individuals – both government and non-government.

Consistent with these actions this site aims to bring you targeted content to inform, educate and convince you of the horror surrounding the trade in human lives.

We aim to encourage participation in stopping this phenomenon by both giving you suggestions and tools, while allowing you to also exchange ideas and motivate you to take up the challenge to do more in this arena.

We feel that too often this issue has been swept under the carpet or placed in the ‘too hard basket’

We exist to change that attitude and prove that something can and will be done to STOP the trafficking of people for use and abuse into our nation & around our region.

Together we can activate a ground swell of enthusiasm and participation which WILL be heard by all – the police, the government, schools, churches, schools, businesses, victims and even the traffickers themselves!