Our mission is to eliminate human trafficking and the harm it causes.

ACRATH Advocacy Visit to Parliament

A group of 10 ACRATH members are preparing to make their annual advocacy visit to Parliament House in Canberra. The visit will take place during the week beginning 4th September. These visits provide an opportunity for ACRATH to raise issues on human trafficking and slavery with members of Parliament and to advocate for systemic change.

There are 4 main issues that will be raised during this advocacy visit:

  • Australia needs a National Compensation Scheme for Victim/Survivors of Modern Slavery
  • Australia needs a National Labour Hire Licensing Scheme
  • ACRATH is delighted by the 2023 Budget announcement of a pilot scheme for an additional pathway onto the Support for Trafficked People Program (STPP)
  • Australia needs an independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Modern Slavery Snapshot


50 million people live
in slavery globally

71% are female

71% are female
(women and girls)

Only 1 in 5 victims are detected in Australia

Only 1 in 5 victims are
detected in Australia


ACRATH is proud to support the proposal for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution. As the Uluru Statement from the Heart tells us, we need to ensure that First Nations people have a real say in decisions that affect them. ACRATH has sought advice from First Nations colleagues for our signature panels.

We are encouraged by the words of John Lochowiak, who believes that "voting YES for the Voice is a no-brainer.. and that if someone were working on our street construction, we would want to have a conversation about how it affects us."

We also take guidance from Catholic Social Teaching, which says that each person is equal in God-given dignity and that those most affected by a decision must be given a voice.

We are proud to stand in solidarity with our First Nations people and will continue to work for a future in which their voices are heard.

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Forms of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is also known as modern slavery.

Victims often go willingly with their traffickers because they are being deceived about the nature and conditions of the work. Trafficking is a global phenomenon and nearly every country is a source, transit or destination (or combination of these three) for trafficked persons.

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