Our mission is to eliminate human trafficking and the harm it causes.

Join ACRATH’s Run Melbourne Team


Lace up your running shoes and join ACRATH at Run Melbourne on Sunday, 21 July 2024, to raise much-needed dollars for our education, advocacy, and victim/survivor support programs. Be part of our mission to eliminate human trafficking and modern slavery.

You can sign up and run with the ‘friends of ACRATH’ team or create your own team with friends or colleagues and run under the ACRATH STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING banner.

Choose from a 5.5km walk/run with an entry fee of $62 or a 10km run for $85.


When: Sunday July 21, 2024
Time: 9am for 10km run and 10am for 5.2km run (participants are expected to present 45-60 minutes before start
Where: Start line is Batman Avenue. Finish line is at the event hub Grand Slam Oval, Melbourne Olympic Park

Modern Slavery Snapshot


50 million people live
in slavery globally

71% are female

71% are female
(women and girls)

Only 1 in 5 victims are detected in Australia

Only 1 in 5 victims are
detected in Australia


ACRATH is proud to support the proposal for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution. As the Uluru Statement from the Heart tells us, we need to ensure that First Nations people have a real say in decisions that affect them. ACRATH has sought advice from First Nations colleagues for our signature panels.

We are encouraged by the words of John Lochowiak, who believes that "voting YES for the Voice is a no-brainer.. and that if someone were working on our street construction, we would want to have a conversation about how it affects us."

We also take guidance from Catholic Social Teaching, which says that each person is equal in God-given dignity and that those most affected by a decision must be given a voice.

We are proud to stand in solidarity with our First Nations people and will continue to work for a future in which their voices are heard.

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Revealing Q&A with Mercy Links ‘New Yorker’ Isabel Slater

Isabel (Izzy) Slater is an ACRATH SA Member. She’s an amazing young woman currently in New York undertaking a 10-month internship with Mercy Global Action (MGA), the justice arm and United Nations office of Mercy International Association (MIA). MIA is the international body which represents the Sisters of Mercy, their Associates, and their partners in…
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Julia leaves her mark

Julia Trimboli discovered the injustices of human trafficking a long time ago. She was working at Catholic Health Australia and heard about a group of ACRATH people visiting Parliament House in Canberra advocating for policy change for people who had been trafficked into Australia. Ever since finding out that people around the globe, including Australia,…
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ACRATH goes to uni

ACRATH has embarked on an education program across Australian universities to equip students and staff with the skills to identify human trafficking and ways to respond to reports or concerns. Educating for Change has already begun in collaboration with the University of South Australia and Flinders University and aims to reach 21 universities. It’s an…
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Come work with ACRATH

ACRATH is a dynamic social justice organisation with a passionate staff and volunteer base. There are two new Community Development positions coming up and you might be the perfect person to join the ACRATH team. The first position is for a Community Development worker for a 3 year project supporting seasonal workers across Australia from…
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Tony’s chocolate a fave all round!

Some of ACRATH’s favourite chocolate makers have topped the charts again in this year’s Be Slavery Free 5th Chocolate Scorecard. The scorecard, which includes 63 companies, has given Tony’s Chocolonely a very high rating and many of the people who participated in ACRATH’s Easter chocolate Indulge Responsibly campaign, echoed that score. The Be Slavery Free…
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Call to action April 2024

ACRATH supports the work of many like-minded organisations both in Australia and globally. Many produce resources that can be used in a variety of settings and some have campaigns underway.
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Forms of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is also known as modern slavery.

Victims often go willingly with their traffickers because they are being deceived about the nature and conditions of the work. Trafficking is a global phenomenon and nearly every country is a source, transit or destination (or combination of these three) for trafficked persons.

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