Our mission is to eliminate human trafficking and the harm it causes.

Hearts Were Stirred into Action

Hearts were stirred into Action at the 2023 Annual ACRATH Gathering held 3rd May, 2023.

ACRATH was thrilled to see so many familiar faces in attendance and new ones from around the globe as together we explored the causes and impact of human trafficking.

Thank you to all our guest speakers, including Fr Khalid Marogi of the australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office and Yvette and Sarah from the Salvation Army's Lived Experience Engagement Program (LEEP), who spoke with dignity and passion, putting victim/survivors at the heart of their important work.

Modern Slavery Snapshot


50 million people live
in slavery globally

71% are female

71% are female
(women and girls)

Only 1 in 5 victims are detected in Australia

Only 1 in 5 victims are
detected in Australia


ACRATH is proud to support the proposal for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution. As the Uluru Statement from the Heart tells us, we need to ensure that First Nations people have a real say in decisions that affect them. ACRATH has sought advice from First Nations colleagues for our signature panels.

We are encouraged by the words of John Lochowiak, who believes that "voting YES for the Voice is a no-brainer.. and that if someone were working on our street construction, we would want to have a conversation about how it affects us."

We also take guidance from Catholic Social Teaching, which says that each person is equal in God-given dignity and that those most affected by a decision must be given a voice.

We are proud to stand in solidarity with our First Nations people and will continue to work for a future in which their voices are heard.

Latest News

Global Slavery Index 2023

The global Slavery Index 2023 reports there has been an increase in modern slavery over the last five years. On any given day there are 50 million people are living in modern slavery and the world’s wealthiest economies are importing almost US$468 billion worth of products at risk of being made with forced labour. The…
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Justice Matters

Victorian Regional Coordinator of ACRATH, Mary Cameron, rugged up and was amongst all the action at the Justice Matters Camp Sandhurst organised by Catholic Eduction Sandhurst Ltd for students fom yers 9-11 recently. Thanks Mary for raising awarenes about human trafficking and promoting the important work of ACRATH.
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National Volunteers Week

Happy National Volunteer Week! We want to give a big shoutout to all of our incredible volunteers who last year contributed 7355 hours to ACRATH. Your hard work and dedication are invaluable and help us achieve our goals. We can’t thank you enough!
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30th Anniversary of UN Slavery Fund

For 30 years, the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery has assisted hundreds of thousands of victims of slavery to access vital rehabilitation services in every region of the world. ACRATH has been a very grateful recipient of five grants. The funds have enabled ACRATH to assist victim/survivors of human trafficking,…
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Honouring All Mothers

Celebrate Your Mum This Mother’s Day and Honour the Mothers Who Make Your Purchase Possible! This Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to remember the mothers worldwide whose labour enables us to purchase the gifts we give to those we love. From the garment makers making, cocoa bean farmers to service workers these mothers…
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Advocacy Success

ACRATH celebrates milestone advocacy success. ACRATH has hailed the Federal Government’s Budget decision to offer victims andsurvivors of human trafficking the opportunity to access support without involvement withlaw enforcement, as a momentous achievement. It comes after a 17 year battle byACRATH. Before last night’s announcement, a trafficking victim’s ability to access the Support forTrafficked People…
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Forms of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is also known as modern slavery.

Victims often go willingly with their traffickers because they are being deceived about the nature and conditions of the work. Trafficking is a global phenomenon and nearly every country is a source, transit or destination (or combination of these three) for trafficked persons.

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