2014 Canberra Advocacy

ACRATH Canberra Advocacy Team 2014

ACRATH Canberra Advocacy Team 2014Seeking a Stronger Human Rights Response

Fifteen ACRATH advocates were in Canberra from 22 to 25th November speaking on behalf of those who have been trafficked into Australia. During the four days ACRATH members met with 79 Members of Parliament and Advisors.

They promoted a stronger rights based approach to support for people trafficked into Australia, a change in visa names to ensure people are not discriminated or labelled when they are trying to move on with their lives, a federal compensation scheme and a request for action from the government on the issue of slavery in the supply chain of goods being imported into Australia.  The ACRATH team is grateful to all Members of Parliament who took time to meet with them.

Download a copy of the Canberra Advocacy Newsletter.

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