2016 Advocacy Visit to Federal Parliament


img_2159Speaking on Behalf of People Who Have Been Trafficked

During the week beginning Monday 12th September, twelve members of ACRATH met with members of Federal Parliament to advocate on behalf of those who have been trafficked into Australia. ACRATH asked for measures to be put in place to protect the human rights of overseas workers brought to Australia via labour hire firms. Such workers can sometimes be forced to work long hours for little pay while living in substandard conditions with restricted freedom of movement. ACRATH would like to see the systems that enable this to happen interrupted. ACRATH also noted that human trafficking is a federal crime and so it is important that there be a national compensation scheme. ACRATH asked that there be ongoing funding for ACRATH and other NGOs working to raise awareness of human trafficking and to protect those who have been trafficked. During the four days of advocacy ACRATH members were involved in over fifty interviews and were heartened by the interest and support received from members of Parliament.

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