2018 Ethical Fashion Guide

Ethical Fashio Guide 2018

End Worker Exploitation

The 5th edition of the Ethical Fashion Report has been published by Baptist World Aid. The grades awarded by the Ethical Fashion Report are a measure of the efforts undertaken by each company to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains. Each company’s labour rights management system has been assessed according to 33 specific criteria. Research undertaken for the 2018 report found only 17 per cent of fashion companies were able to show they had improved the rights and conditions of workers throughout their supply chain. One such company is Cotton On. Since 2013 their grade has improved from B? to A.  Read more… Click here to hear Gershon Nimbalker, Baptist World Aid Advocacy Manager, being interviewed by Fran Kelly on ABC radio.

As consumers we can use the 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide to make everyday, ethical purchasing decisions and so help to end exploitation of workers in the garment industry.

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