2021 ACRATH Calendar

2021 Calendar

ACRATH’s 2021 calendar is now available. To date we have sold the ACRATH Calendar for $10.  However this year we acknowledge that many are directly effected by Covid-19, and would still like for you to receive the 2021 ACRATH Calendar. We value your support. Please feel free to order calendars complimentary, or make a donation. If you would like to order a calendar download the order form here.

ACRATH’s Queensland coordinator Sr Janine Bliss fmm produced the first ACRATH calendar in 2015. Since then it has become a feature in many offices, homes, staffrooms and classrooms. “For me the calendar has always been about the trafficked person and showing how everything we do has the trafficked person at the centre. The stories of ACRATH’s projects are all in response to the trafficked person and their stories,” Janine said.

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