2022 Cocoa Barometer

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It is now 20years since chocolate companies signed the Harkin-Engel protocol, a voluntary agreement to end the worst forms of child labour in the cocoa industry. The 2022 Cocoa Barometer raises the question “why haven’t we solved these problems yet?” It seems that instead of this problem being solved additional problems are impacting the cocoa industry.

Children in the cocoa industry are still working in hazardous situations. Farmer poverty drives issues such as child labour, deforestations and gender equality. Most farmer are far from receiving a living income while chocolate companies are reporting record profits. Living income, a human right, is the minimum level at which a family is able to provide a decent standard of living for all household members – nutritious diet, water, health, education, housing and safety need .

Key recommendations of the 2022 Cocoa Barometer include:

  • implement a sector wide commitment to a living income
  • a call for chocolate companies to implement holistic environmental and human rights due diligence policies

Download a copy ot the 2022 Cocoa Barometer here.

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