2024 ACRATH Calendar

2024 ACRATH Calendar

Get ready for the new year and order your 2024 ACRATH Calendar today!

Since its inception in 2015, the ACRATH calendar has become a beloved fixture in offices, homes, tea rooms and classrooms, thanks to the efforts of Queensland Regional Coordinator Janine Bliss fmm and her team.

These vibrant calendars serve as an invaluable resource, offering a wealth of information on various topics, including:

  • Education on modern slavery and human trafficking – Discover how it exists, not only globally, but also right here in Australia, much closer than you may think!
  • Important links to raise awareness – From shedding light on the impact of fast fashion and promoting slavery-free chocolate to making your kitchen a slavery-free zone and beyond, these calendars provide essential references for making a positive difference.
  • Yearly projects and advocacy work – Find out about the projects and initiatives ACRATH is actively contributing to and join in to make a meaningful impact alongside us.

Part of the proceeds of this calendar will  provide  income for a project in South East Asia supporting victims of human trafficking. By fostering widespread community awareness, we can make a difference and spread the message that people are not for sale.

Pre-order now to receive your calendar October 2023. Click here to download an order form.