UN Voluntary Trust Fund

The UN Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is celebrating 30 years of bringing survivors to the centre of recovery and prevention. The Fund was established by the General Assembly in 1991 (resolution 46/122) to bring relief to those whose human rights have been severely violated as a result of enrolment of children in armed conflict, debt bondage, forced and early marriage, forced labour, traditional slavery, trafficking of persons, the sale of children, the sale of wives, serfdom, sexual slavery, widow inheritance, and the worst forms of child labour.

Since its establishment, the Fund, which receives contributions from States, private or public entities and individuals, has disbursed more than USD 9.5 million, awarding 800 grants in more than 100 countries, providing rehabilitation and assistance to thousands of people worldwide.

“The Fund promotes bringing survivors at the centre of action to prevent and end slavery and to restore their dignity… More than 80 per cent of all contributions are directly channelled to victims,” said the Fund’s Chairperson, Danwood Chirwa.

“The Fund would need a minimum of USD 1.5 million annually to fulfill its mandate but, for the past three years, we have only been able to secure half of this amount,” he added, while also appealing to States to continue supporting the Fund and more States to donate in order to reach more victims.

The UN Fund has supported ACRATH’s Companionship program for the past 3 years. This has resulted in life-changing support for program participants.

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