TIP 2014

TIP 20142014 TIP Report Released

Secretary of State, John F Kerry, has released the 2014 Trafficking in Persons(TIP) Report.  In releasing the report Secretary Kerry said, ” this is not just a book, it’s not just a report filled with stories that will touch you. This is a call to action. It’s a call to conscience….If the cries of those who are enslaved around the world today were an earthquake, then the tremors would be felt in every single nation on the continent on every continent simultaneously.”  Read more…

The 2014 TIP Report indicates that during 2013 there were 44,758 victims of human trafficking identified with 10,603 of these being victims of forced labour.  In this report the countries of Malaysia, Venezuela, Thailand and The Gambia were downgraded to tier 3 while the countries of Chile and Switzerland were upgraded to Tier 1.  As in past years ten people were declared TIP Heroes for their work in fighting against human trafficking.

Access the 2014 TIP Report here.

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