ACRATH at Public Hearing into Human Trafficking

Christine Carolan

Christine CarolanParliamentary Inquiry Committee Listens to Evidence from NGOs

On Thursday 4th May 2017 ACRATH National Executive Officer, Christine Carolan, gave evidence at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Inquiry into Human Trafficking. The Joint Standing Committee on Law Enforcement is conducting this inquiry which is looking at:

  1. the prevalence of human trafficking in Australia, including in culturally and linguistically diverse communities;
  2. the role and effectiveness of Commonwealth law enforcement agencies in responding to human trafficking;
  3. practical measures and policies that would address human trafficking;
  4. the involvement of organised crime, including transnational organised crime, in human trafficking;
  5. the extent to which human trafficking is facilitated by:
    1. migration visas (including marriage, partner, student and work visas),
    2. technology, and
    3. false identities;
  6. the effectiveness of relevant Commonwealth legislation and policies; and
  7. other related issues.

ACRATH commends the government for holding this inquiry. ACRATH’s hope is that this Inquiry will lead to even greater collaboration between government, law enforcement and NGOs resulting in more convictions of traffickers and greater protection for those who have been trafficked or enslaved in Australia.   In addition ACRATH requests the Commonwealth Government to support NGOs with financial resources that will enable them to continue working with government and law enforcement to bring an end to this heinous crime in Australia.

View an interview that included the ACRATH National Executive Officer here.

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