ACRATH Companionship Program

Companionship Program

Initiated in 2008, the ACRATH Companionship Program is one way that ACRATH supports victim/survivors of human trafficking. This unique program arose from the Australian Federal Police’s concern for the wellbeing of a woman residing in Melbourne who had been trafficked. Over the course of fifteen years, the Companionship Program has proven to be a vital aspect of ACRATH’s broader work.
This research paper highlights what many in ACRATH already thought – the Companionship program does impact on ACRATH – it informs policy, gives evidence to the advocacy work, and deepens our awareness raising and training.
We invite you to delve deeper into this program and explore the individuals and relationships at the heart of ACRATH’s mission. We express our gratitude to Judith Lamb for her efforts in producing this comprehensive paper and extend our appreciation to the committed companions whose invaluable work has made this research paper and the program itself possible.

Download a copy of the research paper here.

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