ACRATH National Committee Meets in Melbourne

ACRATH National Committee 2018-2019

ACRATH National Committee members met in Melbourne 20-21 November. The National Committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the ACRATH strategic plan and annual budget. At each meeting Regional Coordinators present a report on regional activities since the last meeting and outline plans for the coming months. ACRATH’s limited financial resources means that a great deal of the work is done by volunteers who are committted to eliminating human trafficking and slavery so that the dignity and human rights of all women, men and children are protected. Each meeting committee members are amazed at the volume and diversity of work that has been done by members throughout Australia. Examples of work engaged in by ACRATH members over recent months includes:

  • advocating for the rights of people affected by forced labour in agriculture
  • raising awareness about forced marriage in secondary school, with teachers and school counsellors and with marriage celebrants
  • participating in a government inquiry about modern slavery
  • collaborating with anti-trafficking NGOs to bring about systemic change in order to prevent human trafficking and slavery
  • raising awareness of the existence of slavery in global supply chains
  • encouraging slavery-free purchasing with items such as chocolate, clothing, tea, coffee, etc.
  • production and sales of the 2020 ACRATH calendar.

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