ACRATH Needs your Help

Cheerful black father sitting on floor with smiling son and leaning on blank wall with copy space. Young african boy sitting on father lap in a new home. Happy father and child sitting and looking at camera.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Appeal

ACRATH has today launched its fundraising appeal and hopes to raise more than $100,000 in the lead up to World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30. The money will help ACRATH maintain vital programs to combat human trafficking, especially forced marriage and forced labour.

While you are reading this, the marriage of a teenage schoolgirl in Australia is being planned by her family. She will most likely have never met the groom and she will have no say in the marriage. If she objects to the marriage she risks rejection by her family and community.

But thankfully she will not be left alone and homeless.

Because of the work of ACRATH in lobbying the Federal Government she will have somewhere to stay, and support, if forced to leave her family home to escape the forced marriage. Read more…

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