ACRATH says Thank You

Merlyn Quaife - "Fortune My Foe"
Merlyn Quaife - "Fortune My Foe"

Merlyn Quaife - "Fortune My Foe"

Last week, Melbourne opera singer, Merlyn Quaife, together with some colleagues, came to Sydney to help ACRATH.

Merlyn had arranged with another colleague, to hold in his studio a musical performance of Fortune My Foe, an adaptation by Roger Heaney of poems by Graeme Ellis, with what could be explained as an impressionist piano accompaniment by Andrea Katz.

It was all beautiful. We all very much enjoyed the afternoon. ACRATH is indeed grateful for the afternoon’s contributions towards our works. We are also grateful for and very impressed with the trouble Merlyn had gone to in organising this function for us, and those whom we are striving to help.

Mary Mooney – National Secretary

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