Action for Afghanistan

Afghanistan Action 2

Likely Escalation of Human Trafficking in Afghanistan

Want to take action to support people and prevent trafficking and forced marriage in Afghanistan? Women and children are especially vulnerable in any global crisis.

Here’s a few actions you can take right away; please start with one.

  1. Send money
    ACRATH has worked for many years with Hagar, a small NGO which in 2008, began operations in Afghanistan, supporting women and children facing the worst forms of gender-based violence and human trafficking. ACRATH encourages you to donate to Hagar’s work right now in Afghanistan at
  2. Advocate
    ACRATH encourages you to take these advocacy steps gleaned from other active NGOs:

a)  Write a respectful message today to Immigration Minister Alex Hawke asking him to take these actions:

      • Evacuate immediately people at imminent risk, including people who’ve worked with the Australian Government and organisations.
      • Lift the humanitarian intake and offer at least 20,000 additional places to particularly vulnerable Afghans.
      • Grant permanent protection to the 5,000 Afghans here on temporary visas; everyone knows they cannot possibly go back to Afghanistan, and Australia needs workers, especially in regional areas.
      • Provide family reunion visas for relatives at risk.

For snail mail letters, send during COVID to his electoral office: The Hon Alex Hawke MP, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs at PO Box 1173 Castle Hill, NSW, 1765

For electronic contact, fill in Minister Hawke’s online questions/comments page:

b) Done that? OK now identify the Senators who represent your state and write the same message to each of them, and of course each state has 12 Senators and each Territory 2 Senators. Locate your Senators at:

3. Sign this petition to the PM

Let’s all do what we can, right now. Let’s all start with just one action.

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