Action for June

June 2020 Post

In 2019 Service or Servitude: A Study of Trafficking for Domestic Work in Australia was published. While the official number of recorded cases of domestic servitude in Australia is relatively small, this research found that many cases go undetected. And while Australia has a response framework for victims of trafficking, those who experience domestic servitude face distinct and compounded barriers to leaving exploitation safely and permanently.

Typically, domestic workers were forced to work excessive hours and were often subject to abuse. Escaping domestic servitude was hindered by their lack of English, fear of the police, confiscation of identity documents and violence or threats of violence.

Author of the report, Heather Mo0re said,“It is difficult to build urgency around an issue that people can’t see and don’t understand. I hope this research will inform and inspire collaborative action to improve protections, support and access to justice for migrant domestic workers and survivors of domestic servitude.”

During this month of June we are encouraged to pray for those most vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking especially asylum seekers and refugees forced to leave their homes due to war, persecution or natural disasters. June also see the beginning of ACRATH’s annual fundraising campaign. You can help bring an end to human trafficking and slavery by making a financial contribution to the work of ACRATH. For information on how to donate go to

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