May 2020 post

The St Vincent’s Health Australia(SVHA) – ACRATH Human Trafficking Project is highlighted on the May page of the 2020 ACRATH Calendar. The Project has two main objectives:

  1. To increase the recognition and support of victims of human trafficking who seek healthcare at SVHA.
  2. To explore and investigate the supply chain of services and goods used by SVHA and to identify those liable to human trafficking.

A systematic awareness raising initiative is being developed for all healthcare personnel, with purpose-designed education and training initiatives created for targeted staff.

During the month of May we are invited to play our part in eradicating human trafficking and slavery. Check that the staffroom in your parish, school and workplace serves only ethically sourced tea, coffee and chocolate. Check that uniforms and sports equipment are slavery-free. This is one practical way of ensuring you buy and enjoy products made without any trafficked, forced or child labour.

World Fairtrade Day is held on the second Saturday of May each year. For more information on ethical purchasing click here.


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