Action in September

September 2021 post A

Want to know how to support the work of ACRATH to eliminate human trafficking and slavery? Here are some suggestions for the month of September.

  • The 2022 ACRATH Calendar is now available. Purchase ACRATH calendars to share with your family, friends and work colleagues. Order forms can be found here.
  • A forced marriage is when a person is married without freely and fully consenting because of either coercion, threat or deception. It could also be because they’re incapable of understanding the nature and effect of a marriage ceremony, possibly because of their age or mental capacity. A forced marriage is different from an arranged marriage or a sham marriage. The main difference is that there is consent in arranged and sham marriages. Visit the Forced Marriage  page on the ACRATH website to learn more.
  • Organise an online conversation with friends to discuss how using one’s purchasing power can help prevent slavery in the supply chains of clothes we buy. The Covid Ethical Fashion Guide would be a useful resource for this conversation

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