Action Needed Now


The NSW State Parliament passed Modern Slavery legislation in June 2018. The Act was passed unopposed. The NSW Modern Slavery Act is groundbreaking legislation as it not only refers to slavery in supply chains but the rights of victims and their need for support is also part of the Act. Unfortunately despite the Act being given royal assent in June 2018 the legislation has never been implemented. A Parliamentary Inquiry into the Act in 2019 recommended that all aspects of the Act be implemented.

Along with other NGOs ACRATH is advocating for the Act to be implemented. In introducing the Bill into Parliament the NSW Premier said:
“There is an undeniable moral imperative to take action in relation to all forms of modern slavery.”
Residents of NSW are being asked to take part in an e-Petition to request that the NSW Modern Slavery Act be implemented. 20,000 signatures activates a petition debate in the Legislative Assembly.  Your help in reaching this number is needed now. Click on the box below to sign the petition. Closing date for the petition is 3rd November.
ACRATH would appreciate your help with this advocacy issue. Thank you. For more information click here.

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