Actions for July 2020

Actions for July 2020

The UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is held on 30th July each year. As we prepare to mark this day later in the month perhaps we could focus on raising awareness about this heinous crime. It is estimated there are over 40 million people in slavery in our world today and most of these are in the Asia Pacific Region. You may be interested in arranging a display or forum to inform others and raise awareness about the crime of human trafficking for forced labour and sexual exploitation or request that a prayer for all who work to eliminate human trafficking be included in weekend liturgies.

ACRATH holds it annual fundraising appeal during the month of July. Without the generous support of donors ACRATH would not be able to continue working to eliminate human trafficking and slavery. Making a donation to ACRATH could be another means of marking the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. ACRATH is now able to accept donations online. Go to Alternative means of donating can be found here.

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    • Jessica Astrid Darcey
    • On: July 5, 2020

    I’m interested in the response of a peak body like this to the recent Australian Primeministers claims of “no slavery in Australias heritage” particularly in light of the forthcoming international day of action against human trafficking? If you could direct me to these responses and how I could participate and promulgate any clarifications?
    Thanks for your time.

      • ACRATH
      • On: July 5, 2020

      ACRATH responded to this statement by the Prime Minister by posting an article from the Guardian on the ACRATH Facebook page - ACRATH is very much aware of the existence of slavery in Australia from early days. Between 1863 and 1904 about 60,000 islanders were transported to the colony of Queensland, where they toiled to create the sugar plantations a practice that became known as blackbirding. And slavery still exists in Australia today.

    • Stephanie Socha
    • On: July 4, 2020

    Thank you for what you do! July 30 is special in my family. Do you have any cards or t shirts or brochures that tell about this cause? Or can I donate to this cause in the name of my family for this special day? My prayers go out for you and for the slave children!
    Thank you, God bless you and may He send His angels to rescue the slave children!
    Stephanie & Larry Socha

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