Actions for March

March Post 2022

Have you ever wondered about the availability of ethical products in your area?

Perhaps the Justice Matters Camp may give you some ideas on how to find out what is available. JUSTICE MATTERS CAMP is a joint initiative of Catholic Education Sandhurst and Caritas Australia providing a 3-day camp for senior secondary students.

Each year at the JUSTICE MATTERS CAMP, a couple of hours of ‘free’ time down town, or in a local shopping strip, is structured as an AMAZING RACE! In school groups, accompanied by their teacher, students are required to collect photographic evidence of:

  • Fair Trade products. Students are shown the 3 acceptable logos – Fairtrade, UTZ & Rainforest Alliance
  • Locally produced items
  • Ethical brands. Students are provided with a list of A/A+ brands from the Ethical Shopping Guide (Baptist World Aid)
  • Recycled goods

Perhaps as we prepare for Easter we could all look for Slavery-free Easter Eggs and compile a list of what is available in our local area. The list could be shared with family, friends and work colleagues. This is one way we can all work towards a slavery-free Easter.