Actions for May

May 2021 post

St Vincent’s Health Australia, in partnership with ACRATH, has worked to develop a strong response to human trafficking. SVHA began this work before the Modern Slavery Act was passed in 2018 and continues to look at areas within its 32 sites where human trafficking and modern-day slavery can be identified and addressed.

The work we do to combat human trafficking is about more than complying with the Modern Slavery Act, it’s about ensuring the dignity and flourishing of every human being, especially where a person is vulnerable. I cannot imagine any organisation whose purpose is healing being committed to anything less. (Dr Lisa McDonald Group Mission Leader, St Vincent’s Health Australia.)

Some Achievements in the past two years include:

Advocates for Change
A groundbreaking program to enable key staff to raise awareness of the issue of modern slavery.  The advocates (pictured) help their colleagues to identify and support vulnerable people who have been trafficked who present to their facilities. Several people have been identified and referred to support services as a result of the work of the advocates.

People rescued from slavery

At both emergency departments of Melbourne and Sydney Public Hospitals, staff have safely identified women who have been trafficked and/or enslaved. The staff have called upon specialist services to facilitate the safe removal of these women from slavery, and with the ongoing support of these specialist services, the women were enabled to go forth and live their best lives.

Supply Chains
Involvement in a global push to bring about fairer work conditions for people working in rubber glove factories in Malaysia. SVHA is advocating to ensure workers are no longer forced to pay a recruiter’s fee to get a job in the factories.


Working towards making staffrooms slavery-free by purchasing certified slavery-free tea, coffee and chocolate.

Raising Awareness

Educating staff about human trafficking, particularly forced marriage and forced labour, as well as supply chains.

8th May is Fairtrade Day

During the month of May you too can help to eliminate human trafficking and Slavery. Fairtrade Day falls on 8th May. Check that the staffroom in your parish, school and workplace serves only ethically sourced tea, coffee and chocolate. Check that uniforms and sports equipment are slavery-free. This is one practical way of ensuring you buy and enjoy products made without any trafficked, forced or child labour.

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