Advocacy in December

December Post 2021

Make this a slavery free Christmas!

Shop ethically when purchasing Christmas gifts such as chocolates, sporting goods, clothing or other cotton products for family members and friends. For ideas check out Tell five other people why you are making choices such as these.

Products we purchase could be tainted by slave labour. ACRATH advocates for slavery free supply chains. It is important that steps are taken to protect the rights of all workers. Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable. To protect the rights of migrant workers ACRATH is calling for practical changes that would see more structured and relevant information given to migrant workers (in their own language) before they arrive and once in Australia. ACRATH is calling on the Government to implement the following system changes:

  • implement a national labour hire licensing scheme that covers all industries
  • introduce stringent penalties for wage theft
  • provide a mechanism for workers to report unlawful workplace practices
  • explore mechanisms and processes to ensure migrant workers’ claims, for example wage redress and superannuation recompense, are dealt with expeditiously and workers’ visas are amended to allow them to remain in Australia until their case/s are resolved.

To learn more about the work of ACRATH in the area of forced labour click here.

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