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A team of ACRATH advocates will be taking issues relating to human trafficking to Canberra again this year. The ‘virtual’ advocacy trip will be happening in June, after the May 21 election, and two issues on the agenda will be the development of a national labour hire scheme and a national compensation scheme for survivors of modern slavery.

ACRATH’s executive officer Christine Carolan said this year’s advocacy campaign will call for the establishment of a national labour hire licensing scheme. While state-based schemes exist in some states, ACRATH believes a robust national scheme is crucial. Christine said a scheme would hopefully prevent some of the exploitative treatment of seasonal workers we have seen in recent years.

 “An associated issue we want to raise with politicians is the impact of climate change as a push factor for Pacific Islanders being vulnerable to exploitation as seasonal workers,” Christine said.

Another key issue that ACRATH will raise is the need for a national compensation scheme for survivors of modern slavery. Christine said ACRATH had thrown its support behind, Justice For All, the compensation campaign launched by Anti-Slavery Australia (ASA).

Anti-Slavery Australia said: “A national compensation scheme for survivors of modern slavery in Australia is now overdue. State and Territory victims’ compensation schemes are inconsistent, lack transparency, and do not properly account for how modern slavery operates in Australia. The lack of a coordinated approach to compensation has been a major impediment to victims of modern slavery obtaining fair, effective, and timely access to justice, and departs from international best practice.

Through years of research, ASA has developed a model for national compensation and are now seeking feedback through consultation.”

The ACRATH annual Canberra advocacy campaign has been done via zoom since the pandemic began in 2020. ACRATH is interested to hear from people interested in participating in our Canberra advocacy campaign, either to suggest topics we might raise with the members of the federal government or to join the advocacy team. Joining involves attending four training webinars, and being in a team meeting with at least three MPs in June.

If you think you can make a contribution to this campaign please contact

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