Against Trafficking in Persons


Human Trafficking exist in Australia. World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is observed each year on 30th July. In 2022 the theme of this day is Use and Abuse of Technology. Covid-19 intensified the global use of technology. Criminals are using online platforms to recruit, exploit and control their victims. However tchnology also provides a tool to aid law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting criminals.

A video clip to mark the World Day Against Tafficking in Persons was developed by ACRATH in collaboration with ACRATH supporters Marilynn Ross and Matt James. The video can be viewed here.

You are invited to observe the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by contributing to the 2022 ACRATH Fund Raising Appeal. Your donation will assist the work of ACRATH to eliminate human trafficking in Australia and beyond. To make a donation click here.

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