Always Hope for Change


K and D* are Directors of the Jack and Hedy Brent Foundation, longtime donors to ACRATH. The regularity of the Foundation’s support, together with other organisations, has made it possible for ACRATH to advocate for major policy changes over the years.  One recent example is the Federal Government’s Budget decision in May to offer victims and survivors of human trafficking the opportunity to access support without involvement with law enforcement.  This momentous achievement came after a 17-year battle by ACRATH.

K and D know it isn’t helpful getting despondent about the abuse of human rights they see around the world. They use their money to support those individuals and organisations that they believe ‘do the heavy lifting’, including ACRATH. They are hopeful that things can change and injustices can be made right.

They think that many people assume human trafficking is elsewhere, off their radar. But it happens here. Human trafficking takes a different form now to what many people associate with slavery, but in many countries it is still the poor who are vulnerable to being trafficked.

They believe that change can happen and it is about working out the best way to bring about change. Perhaps aid is the solution for a trafficked individual who might be in danger of being sent back to their home country, or advocacy to bring about bigger changes. Advocacy is so important and can take a long time. 

“Organisations like ACRATH create the opportunity for considered responses to issues,” they said.

They hope that one day human trafficking will end.*Names withheld for privacy reasons