Ange is Working for Small Changes

Ange Hart

National Volunteer Week was celebrated in May 2023. Ange Hart is one of the many amazing and generous ACRATH volunteers who together contributed 7355 hours to ACRATH last year. We can’t thank you enough Ange for all you do for the victims/survivors of human trafficking.

Ange Hart’s work with CARITAS gave her an insight into the many risks faced by vulnerable people around the globe. She saw too often how people living in poverty are vulnerable to trafficking and forced labour. So when Ange retired a few years ago, volunteering with ACRATH’s South Australian group seemed a natural ‘fit’.

Three years on Ange is coordinator of the group along with Theresa Lynch. Ange is building on the great work of other ACRATH leaders, nurturing the group’s passion and commitment, working against forced marriage and forced labour in the clothing and food industries. The SA group has developed close links with Catholic Education and the vibrant Young Mercy Links. Ange said ACRATH has many supporters, particularly those in the Port Pirie Diocese who do a wonderful job holding an annual Easter Monday walk to raise funds, pray and reflect on human trafficking.

Ange is currently planning a training program on forced marriage for clergy, pastoral associates and migrant chaplains. It’s an exciting initiative in the diocese with Archdiocesan support.

Volunteering with ACRATH has made retirement a busy time for Ange, but she values the opportunity to make the world a better place, no matter how small the contribution.

“My mantra is that we all need to be better global citizens. What we do affects so many people, especially people overseas. It’s important to create awareness about things like clothing supply chains so that people can make better choices. It’s not about making people feel guilty, but letting them know who produces their clothes so that we are more aware of what we are buying,” Ange said.

“It’s also an opportunity to maybe change just one heart by sharing your passion with other people. I think that’s what I try and do, encourage change and it might be just one tiny change. It might be buying slavery-free certified chocolate or not buying a brand of clothing because you have discovered the workers are exploited. ACRATH is about telling the stories of exploited and trafficked people and trying to create change.”