Australia’s First Ethical Fashion Report

The Australian Fashion Report 2013

Baptist World Aid Report Aims to Empower Consumers

The Australian Fashion Report summarises the ethical standards of the fashion industry and provides a detailed grading of the systems fashion brands have in place to protect the workers in the their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour.  The report has been condensed into the Ethical Fashion Guide, a pocket guide providing consumers with easy to read information about brands while they shop.  The guide focuses on three main areas:

  • the overall grades brands received in the Australian Fashion Report
  • whether the brand guarantees workers receive a living wage
  • whether the brand has commited to boycott the use of Uzbekistan cotton, picked using the labour of ten of thousands of the nation’s school children

Gershon Nimbalker, Advocacy Manager at Baptist World Aid said, “We’ve been working with thousands of Australians to put pressure on fashion brands to adopt ethical sourcing practices.  We are excited that this guide will empower Australians to use their collective voice as consumers.

Visit Baptist World Aid’s Behind the Bar Code website to access copies of the Ethical Fashion Guide and The Australian Fashion Report.

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