Become a Fair Trade Community

Fairtrade communities

Sourcing Fair Trade & Slavery-free Products

Fairtrade communitiesAre there Fair Trade and slavery-free products, such as chocolate, tea and coffee, available in your school or university cafeteria, workplace staff room, parish or church? What about your kitchen pantry?

If not, why not become a Fair Trade Community!

Purchasing and consuming Fair Trade products within your community can help promote Fair Trade. Becoming a Fair Trade Community also acknowledges your commitment to Fair Trade.

This could be as simple as buying, consuming and promoting Fair Trade products within your friendship group, family household, classroom etc…

Alternatively, if your workplace, school, university, faith group or local council want to get more serious about Fair Trade, you can apply to become an official Fair Trade Community here. You will find guidelines, application forms and fees applicable to your community.

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