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Chocolate Scorecard 2024

A better chocolate is better for people and the planet! It’s free of child labor, provides a living income for cocoa farmers, empowers women, and cares for the environment. Be Slavery Free has surveyed the world’s chocolate companies to find out what’s really going into the chocolate you buy. The 5th edition of the Chocolate Scorecard is now available.

Consumer awareness and demand for ‘better’ chocolate is driving positive change in the industry. Initiatives like the Chocolate Scorecard play a crucial role in fostering transparency and accountability. Continued collaboration and engagement across stakeholders will be vital in driving progress towards a more sustainable and ethical chocolate industry. 

Key insights of the 5th edition of the Chocolate Scorecard include the following:

  • 100% of companies have a policy for monitoring, reducing, or eliminating child labor but only an average of around 55% of the supply chain are being covered by a program!  
  • 68% of respondents have evidence that the programs or schemes are reducing the prevalence of child labor situations – but verification is often lacking 
  • Reported cases of worst forms of child labor are now at 26% of estimated children in hazardous (worst forms) labor by the US Department of Labor NORC Report  
  • 18% of respondent companies found and successfully remediated cases of forced labor and human trafficking in the past 12 months – great increase in transparency and action  
  • 70% of respondent companies have a policy to monitor, reduce or eliminate the exposure of children to pesticides in their supply chains 70% of respondent companies have a policy or action plan take gender into account.  
  • Traceability has increased but still about 50% of supply chain is indirect (not traced). 
  • 52 of the 63 companies that responded state that a living income is a basic human right. This is 83% of all companies surveyed.  
  • For big companies this was 76%, for small companies it was 89% and for retailers it was 94%.  
  • 6 companies are paying 100% of their farmers a Living Income Reference Price. 

Find out how your favourite chocolate rates on the 5th Edition Chocolate Scorecard here. Scorecards for Companies and Retailers can be found here.

Use the latest Chocolate Scorecard to help you join ACRATH’s Indulge Responsibly Easter Chocolate campaign.

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