Call for National Compensation Scheme

Justice for All

ACRATH invites you to join the Anti-Slavery Australia call to establish a national compensation scheme for survivors of modern slavery.

Anti-Slavery Australia calls on the Australian Government to introduce a national compensation scheme to properly remedy the effects of modern slavery in Australia and assist victim-survivors to move forward and rebuild their lives. These reforms are essential for the following reasons;

  1. Addressing the inconsistencies in the criteria for reporting, time frame for reporting and amount of compensation under the current state and territory based schemes. 
  2. Making compensation more accessible for victim-survivors by decomplicating the application.
  3. Addressing the way modern slavery operates in Australia with no regard for state boundaries.
  4. Recognising subtle forms of violence that may be exerted by exploiters to coerce a person into forms of slavery such as debt bondage

We need a broad call across the community, and a range of disciplines and sectors to build the political will for the Government to act. If you wish to support this urgent request to the Attorney-General, by signing a joint letter to the Attorney, please get in touch via our website  or

We are seeking endorsements by the 14th of November 2022

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