Campaign re Modern Slavery Bill

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Modern Slavery legislation is currently before the Australian Parliament. ACRATH is keen for the Modern Slavery Bill to be enacted but believes it is important that the legislation be amended to include provision for an independent statutory officer. You can play a part in supporting this legislation. Write to the Senators in your state asking them to pass the legislation amended to include an independent statutory officer. A sample email is given below. It is important that you include in your email your local address to ensure relevance for the Senators in your state. A list of Senators can be accessed here.



 Dear Senator xxx,

I am emailing you about the Modern Slavery Bill. I am delighted to read the Senate Inquiry report, “Modern Slavery Bill 2018 (provisions)” published on 24th August. I am particularly pleased to learn of the recommendation to include an independent statutory officer in the legislation.

I urge you to vote “yes” to the Bill, amended to include an independent statutory officer.

This will help Australia to prevent slavery in supply chains and slavery through labour exploitation.

Yours faithfully,

Address including State

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