Forced Marriage

“Naseema was forced by her mother into marriage at the age of four to a…

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Sex Trafficking

“Neary grew up in rural Cambodia. Her parents died when she was a child, and…

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Forced Labor

“Serena arrived from the Philippines to work as a housemaid. Upon her arrival, her employer…

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It could happen to anyone: Fiona’s Story

Fiona was a student in her first year of university studying international relations. So when…

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Worker scandal widens

The Courier-Mail Lachlan Heywood, Jason Gregory and Michael Corkill October 18, 2006 ROGUE Queensland bosses…

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Client took pity on sex slave, court told

The Sydney Morning Herald Leonie Lamont June 20, 2006 AS SOON as she got off…

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Sex slave raid on cell under brothel

The Sydney Morning Herald Les Kennedy June 9, 2006 FOUR Thai women were forced into…

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Sex slaves auctioned in British airport arrival halls

The Sydney Morning Herald Jacqueline Maley in London June 6, 2006 WOMEN are being sold…

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Teen Girls’ Stories of Sex Trafficking in U.S.

International Sex Trafficking Is a Well-Known Problem, But It Happens Here as Well Fifteen-year-old “Debbie”…

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