Chocolate Scorecard Rankings

Chocolate scorecard video

What is your favourite brand of chocolate? How does it rank on the 2022 Chocolate Scorecrad?

Easter Eggs may have disappeared from supermaarket shelves but chocolate is enjoyed all year round. It is therefore important that we are aware of what is in the chocolate we purchase. As consumers we need to demand choclate that is free of child labour, poverty, deforestation and is good for people and the planet. Some choclate companies are responding to this challenge. The 2022 Chocolate Scorecard can assist you with your consumer choices.

The Chocolate Scorecard Launch Video will help you to undestand how to use the resource not only as a consumer of chocolate but also as an agent for change in the chocolate industry.

Join the campaign. Click here to sign the petition to ask companies listed on the 2022 Chocolate Scorecard with orange, red and broken eggs (needing to do more work, to catch up with the rest cocoa industry or lacking transparency) in relation to their Agrichemical Management – to let us know what they are doing to ensure pesticide exposure risks are reduced or eliminated. In particular, we ask for there to be zero exposure of children and pregnant women along with action to phase out the use of highly hazardous pesticides (HHP’s).

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