Choose Slavery-Free this Easter

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How Do I know Which Easter Egg to Purchase?

For many years now ACRATH has joined with STOP THE TRAFFIK in asking chocolate companies to place certification labels on their products as a message to consumers that steps have been taken to address child labour and trafficking in their supply chains and for that certification to have third party set standards and auditing processes. Following on from investigation into the programs for chocolate companies and producers we know that certification is really the “base” action for companies to take. The programs of companies go much further in addressing these issues. For the first time we are actively promoting these labels alongside the certification labels as showing these actions have been taken.

Join with ACRATH, STOP THE TRAFFIK and other organisations in seeking to purchase Easter Eggs that have not been purchased using child labour. Thank retailers that are selling certified Easter Eggs Find more information on the ACRATH and Be Slavery Free websites.

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