Commission on the Status of Women

Unanima International

UNANIMA International writes for CSW

UNANIMA International submitted a written “intervention” on trafficking in girls for the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women taking place at the United Nations in New York from 4-15th March.  They invited other NGOs to sponsor this document with them.  The submission comments that gender inequality, poverty and gender imbalance are some of the reasons that girls are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked.  Recommendations to CSW include urging Member States to” increase development aid, especially aid that is targeted to the creation of legitimate income-generating possibilities for women and families with children and to educate and empower girls” and to “provide gender-centred education and information/awareness campaigns to warn children about the dangers of trafficking, and campaigns targeting males, to strike at the “demand” side of the issue.”

Download a copy of the UNANIMA International submission here.

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