Commitment to Fight Against Human Trafficking


1-23_32817189121_oChange can Happen

Newly elected ACRATH President, Sr Noelene Simmons sm, believes that when people work together change can happen. “It doesn’t matter how small your action is; just do it and tell others about it. Just take one step to counter human trafficking and change will happen.”

Human trafficking is an enormous global tragedy and, sadly, Australia is a player, a destination country for many people. As well, Australians consume goods made by men, women and children who have been enslaved or forced to work for little or no pay. So there is much to be done.

“Working in this area is a long haul and if you expect things to change quickly you will give up because you will have a sense of failure. We have to celebrate the small wins, the little steps forward,” Noelene said. Read more…

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