Committed to Change

name your change

A very energetic group took part in the ACRATH Slavery-Free Morning Tea. During this online event held on Thursday 4th March participants were eager to name the changes they are making as they play their part in eliminating modern slavery and child labour. A selection of comments were as follows:

  • I am no longer going to buy cheap t-shirts. Instead I will purchase Etiko t-shirts
  • I bought some Etiko t-shirts for friends for Christmas
  • We are coffee lovers in our house so we sought out Fairtrade coffee. We buy in bulk from Oxfam.
  • In our house we only drink Republica coffee which is available in most supermarkets. A decaff variety is also available
  • Students in our schools are researching slavery-free uniforms and sports equipment
  • Nerada tea is Fairtrade so that is now the tea of choice in our house
  • After some research we discovered Servi Store apparel so we now buy t-shirts there.
  • I am going to contact the tea producer of my preferred brand and ask if their product is independently certified free of slavery

Collectively all these small steps will make a difference.

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