Consumers Urged to Rethink Electronic Purchases

2016 Electronics Guide

2016 Ethical Electronics Guide

2016 Electronics GuideThe 2016 Electronics Industry Trends report released  by Baptist World Aid and Not For Sale shows the electronics industry has not made sufficient progress in implementing steps to protect workers.

“Forced labour, child labour and exploitation remain as significant problems in the supply chain of the electronics Industry. This is the most valuable industry in the world, worth in the trillions. If anyone can afford to ensure they have an ethical supply chain, it’s our big tech companies,” said Gershon Nimbalker, Advocacy Manager at Baptist World Aid Australia.

Now in its second year, the Electronics Industry Trends report graded 56 companies from A to F on the practices and policies they have in place to mitigate the risk of forced labour, child labour and exploitation.  This grading reflects the levels of visibility and transparency these companies have across their supply chain.  Read more…

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