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Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of Anti-Slavery Australia, will be the guest on the ACRATH Conversation on Wednesday June 29 at 11.30am. Professor Burn, a long-time collaborator with ACRATH, is recognised globally as an expert on human trafficking and she has played a pivotal role in Australia’s response to human trafficking, particularly the Modern Slavery Act in 2018.

The Zoom Conversation, facilitated by ACRATH’s Cindy Bohan, will look at one of Anti-Slavery Australia’s current campaigns, the implementation of a National Compensation Scheme for Victim/ Survivors of Modern Slavery. The Conversation zoom link is:

ACRATH’s executive officer Christine Carolan said this current campaign for compensation builds on work started by Prof Burn almost 20 years ago.

“Jen wrote up the idea of financial compensation for people who had been trafficked in a joint submission with ACRATH in 2006. The submission was to CEDAW in the UN in New York. Jen has also been raising this issue at National Roundtables for years, and ACRATH has had it as an advocacy point across many years,” Christine said.

Prof Burn was appointed to the inaugural Australian Government National Roundtable on Human Trafficking in 2008 and continues to serve. She has been a member of multiple working groups of the National Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery, including groups focused on transparency in supply chains and labour exploitation. She also served as the Interim Anti-Slavery Commissioner for NSW from 2019 to 2020.

A National Compensation Scheme for Victim/ Survivors of Modern Slavery
ACRATH is joining with Anti-Slavery Australia to call for this scheme to be implemented in 2022 without further delay. The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade’s Inquiry into human trafficking issued a report in Dec 2017. The report, Hidden in Plain Sight (see pp 164-171), recommended, as part of Australia’s victim-centred response to combatting modern slavery, that the Australian Government should provide compensation to victims.

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