Coronavirus Impacts International Students


The onslaught of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused much pain, suffering and hardship to Australians and people all over the world. During this time of fear and uncertainty we appreciate the Australian and State Governments’ efforts to stop the spreading of this contagious and deadly disease through social distancing and isolation. This has however, resulted in the loss of many jobs. The impact of this situation is causing much devastation among vulnerable International Students. Many have found themselves unemployed and, therefore, stranded and helpless during this time of uncertainty “feeling defeated by this unknown enemy.” Even if they wanted to, it is impossible for some students to return home because of the ‘lockdown situation’, inability to travel and/or the lack of funds.

International students have contributed much to the social and cultural fabric of our Australian society. Moreover, International Students, through their fees to Educational Institutions contribute $39 billion to the Australian Economy. In addition they further contribute to the Economy through their living expenses, rental payments and tax payments. A recent article in The Guardian highlights the plight of International students.

So how can we help them in their hour of need?
The Tasmanian and South Australian Governments have established support packages. ACRATH invites you to write a letter to your State Premier, Opposition Leader and Local Member asking them to follow the lead of Tamania and South Australia by putting in place International Student Support Packages. A sample letter can be found here.

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