COTTON ON Committed to Corporate Social Responsibilities

Working to Maintain Acceptable Working Conditions and Trade Practices

Jacqui Hennessy, Group Risk Manager of Cotton On says, “The Cotton on Group is very much aware of the issue of forced child labour and other humanitarian exploitation in Uzbekistan and around the globe.

We are strongly committed to our corporate social responsibilities and proactively maintain acceptable working conditions and trade practices. Cotton On Group requires all suppliers throughout China and other manufacturing locations to comply with our Vendor Ethical Code of Conduct. Using this Code Of Conduct,  we monitor the supply chain and aim to improve the conditions for workers within out third party factories.

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  1. Diabetes Australia – Vic’s clothing collection service is strongly committed to playing a proactive role in reducing our current fashion foot print by rescuing preloved/ unwanted clothing from ending up in landfills.

    It is our mission to partner up with retail outlets and manufactures to spread the word and encourage customers to donate their preloved/ unwanted clothing to Diabetes Australia – Vic.

    So as customers add to and, refresh their wardrobes with the latest Cotton On fashion, we are looking to provide your customers the opportunity to donate their unwanted items to our charity.

    An association with the Diabetes Australia – Vic could add value to your brand equity and increase credibility within the community.

    Depending on your marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives, we here at Diabetes Australia – Vic could develop a suitable partnership arrangement that will ensure to benefit you, your organisation, your customers and the environment.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Marijana Andonovski
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