Covid Fashion Commitments

Covid Fashion Commitments

Many sectors of our society have been affected by the Coronavirus and the fashion industry is no exception. Many garment workers are slipping into poverty as companies lay off their workers due to cancelled orders. Those still able to work are at risk of infection as they work in factories that over-crowded with poor ventilation and working conditions.

In April 2020 Baptist World Aid launched the COVID Fashion Commitments – six straightforward commitments for fashion brands in Australia to make to the workers in their supply chains, and for us as consumers to call for them to deliver. We are invited to support Baptist World Aid in calling on  fashion companies to take on the COVID Fashion Commitments!

    1. Support workers’ wages by honouring supplier commitments
    2. Identify and support the workers at greatest risk
    3. Listen to the voices and experience of workers
    4. Ensure workers’ rights and safety are respected
    5. Collaborate with others to protect vulnerable workers
    6. Build back better for workers and the world

To support the Covid Fashion Commitments campaign take the following steps:

    1. Download the COVID Fashion Commitments Infographic
    2. Share this infographic on your social media to declare your support of these commitments
    3. Caption your post I’m calling on <tag your favourite brand here!> to commit to standing together with workers in their global supply chain throughout the coronavirus crisis

More information about this campaign can be viewed here.

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