Debit Cards in fight Against Human Trafficking

debit cards

A number of banks are involved in a UN project to assist survivors of human trafficking. Survivors may have had their financial identity stolen and their credit ruined by their traffickers.

“Having access to legitimate financial services is something many people take for granted,” said Sara Crowe, director of data analysis at the U.S.-based anti-trafficking group Polaris, in a statement. “For too long, survivors of trafficking have faced challenges like having to cash checks at places that deduct large fees because they can’t get a basic checking or savings account.”

The UN project is one of a number of initiatives proposed by the Liechtenstein Initiative. This Initiative is a public-private partnership between the Governments of Liechtenstein, Australia and the Netherlands, United Nations University Centre for Policy Research – acting as its Secretariat – and Liechtenstein private sector institutions and foundations. It aims to put the financial sector at the heart of global efforts to end modern slavery and human trafficking and accelerate action in eradicating these practices. Read more…

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