December call to Action

December 2020 post

Many people trafficked into Australia try to rebuild their lives alone, often distanced from their country and family.

Seventeen ACRATH volunteers across Australia serve as Companions to 28 women (many trafficked into Australia for sexual exploitation) and their 24 children. They support the women as they find jobs, homes, schools for their children and a safe community.

Maureen, one of ACRATH’s 17 trained Companionship volunteers, offers emotional, spiritual and practical support to ‘Tina’ (not her real name) who was trafficked from Asia into Australia several years ago. Maureen has regular contact to discuss day-to-day issues; accompanies Tina to appointments; assists with Medicare and other phone queries, helps with the bill paying process if English speaking is required and meets Tina and her child regularly for lunch.

How can you Help? 

Make this a slavery free Christmas! Shop ethically when purchasing Christmas gifts such as chocolates, sporting goods, clothing or other cotton products for family members and friends. For ideas check out Tell five other people why you are making choices such as these.

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