Denounce the Injustice of this Shameful Crime

Denounce the Injustice of this Shameful Crime

Pope Francis continues to speak out against the plague of human trafficking. During his Angelus message the day prior to the International Day Against Trafficking in Persons he said:

“Dear brothers and sisters, tomorrow is the UN-sponsored World Day against Trafficking in Persons. This plague reduces many men, women and children to slavery for the purposes of labour and sexual exploitation, trade in organs, mendicancy and forced delinquency. Even here in Rome. Migration routes too are often used by traffickers and exploiters to recruit new trafficking victims. It is the responsibility of all to denounce these injustices and to firmly oppose this shameful crime.”

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    • Angela Zakarias
    • On: August 11, 2018

    I too denounce human traffricking and plead with the government to put more workers in Australian Red Cross to work through the fast extent of this and against forced marriages often young children with old lustful men. They are over worked and their wirk us poorly recompensed!

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