Early Support Critical

Principles for Safety Houses

Principles that Underpin Early Support Provision for Survivors of Trafficking, a document recently released by the British Red Cross, the Human Trafficking Foundation, the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group and the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit, affirms the UK Governments decision to establish Places of Safety so that adult victims of trafficking leaving immediate situations of exploitation could be given assistance and advice. The document outlines 10 principles that need to be considered when establishing Places of Safety to ensure they provide a victim-centred service supporting victims to access their human rights.

While written for the UK situation these principles apply globally. The principles are  Freedom, Open access to all, Needs-based assessments, Meeting health needs, Meeting basic material needs, Early legal advice, High quality advice and support, Enabling choices and options for pathways of referrals and support, Confidential data management and Organisational Transparency. Together, these principles are core to ensuring that within Places of Safety people are given the time, space and support they need to make informed decisions about their future. Read more…

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