Easter Chocolate Campaign


ACRATH launches Slavery-free Easter Chocolate Campaign

It’s time to name your change in 2021

ACRATH’s Slavery-free Easter Chocolate Campaign kicks off tomorrow – Ash Wednesday. ACRATH is asking people to name their ‘chocolate change’ in Lent and stick to it beyond Easter.

“There’s so much we can do in 2021 to help eliminate slavery or child labour. Buying chocolate
that is produced without the use of child labour is an easy place to start,” said ACRATH Executive
Officer Christine Carolan. “Much of our chocolate is made using cocoa beans harvested by
children, often in the West African region. Many of these children are forced into labour. We can
help change this.”

This Easter Australians will buy and eat more than $200 million worth of chocolate.

“The bitter truth about much of our Easter chocolate is that it comes at the price of a child’s education and health. About 80% of cocoa comes from West Africa and it is estimated that almost 2 million children are in child labour in these areas,” Ms Carolan said.

To Make A Change today:

  • Buy only chocolate that is certified slavery-free and features one of the logos below
  • Go to https://acrath.org.au/take-action/slavery-free-easter/ for our chocolate poster
  • Join ACRATH’s “Name your Change for 2021” zoom morning tea on Thursday 4 March 2021 from 10:30-11am. See website for details
  • Tell at least one person about slavery-free chocolate and share some with them. They will discover how delicious it tastes.

ACRATH is hosting a fun zoom morning tea on Thursday 4 March at 10.30am. Pour a cuppa and join others to discuss your slavery-free hopes, dreams, intentions and commitments in 2021. Let’s inspire each other to make a change. Join us for five minutes or for 30 minutes at:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89357222192?pwd=TmRTWVVaWmg3MzZnTEpjeTNEWDVudz09

For Slavery-free Easter Chocolate information, resources, zoom link and the poster, go to:https://acrath.org.au/take-action/slavery-free-easter/

For information contact: Rosie Hoban – media@acrath.org.au

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