End Uyghur Forced Labour


Forced labour, child labour (including worst forms) and state-enforced forced labour is not unknown in cotton. In fact, of the top ten cotton producing countries in the world (including the US), only Australia has a clean record for its cotton. China is the third largest cotton producing country in the world, and Xinjiang Province provides the 84% of that cotton (20% of world’s cotton). According to the Center for Global Policy’s new report, more than half a million people from ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang have been coerced into picking cotton, on a scale far greater than previously thought. Uyghurs are a minority ethnic group in China, and live mostly in the Xinjiang Province. Recently there have been growing international concern over the Chinese Government’s treatment of Uyghurs with many government and international bodies (including the US Government) labelling the actions taken by the Government as genocide.

So What Can You Do?

ACRATH is a member of the Be Slavery Free Coalition. Be Slavery Free is asking you to voice your support of Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced By Uyghur Forced Labour) Bill 2020.

You can also read the Be Slavery Free submission to the Senate Inquiry Into the Customs Amendment(Banning Goods Produced By Uyghur Forced Labour) Bill 2020 here. Share this information with friends.

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